Gary’s Favorite Christmas Memory

TMA Founder/President shares his favorite Christmas memory:   When my sister Debra and I were very young we would go to my dad’s grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve. All of his cousins, my 2nd cousins, aunts and uncles would be there at “Mama Cook’s” house for a covered-dish dinner and to exchange gifts. The tree […]

TMA Artist MARSHALL FIKE Releases Inaugural CD

If you sit in a church pew long enough, you hear at least one story of how someone was ‘called’to do something, and how God opened door after door until their mission was complete. Well, I am not one to take, what I thought of at the time to be, ‘subtle hints’. But in 2015, I […]

TMA Artist SARA T (Milan, Italy) Releases Worship Album

The voice of Sara Taccardi will carry you into a fresh, anointed and worshipful time, whether you speak Italian or not. Working with talented award winning Contemporary Christian music composer Chris Eaton (Cliff Richards, Amy Grant, Jaci Velasquez and many others), Sara brings her audience into a powerful and intimate worship experience. The first single […]

TMA Artist SHANE MATHIS Releases Single To Radio

TMA Artist SHANE MATHIS drops his single “Old Amazing Grace” today via CRW Radio Promotions. The single is from his newest EP “A New New Story” which was released on May 9. It was produced by Jerroll Lehman at The Tracking Room, Nashville, TN, Gaither Studios, Alexandria, IN, Studio D, Summitville, IN and JLP Studios, […]

The Reality of Artist Development

I came across a video I want to share with you that I believe underscores the importance of artist creative development. The speaker is Owen Husney, a musician, artist manager, and concert promoter based in Minneapolis. He was Prince’s first manager and the person who arranged the famous contract with Warner Brothers which allowed Prince […]

What I Wish (Indie) Musicians Understood

I’ve been working with recording “artists” and musicians most of my adult life. For the past 11 years exclusively I’ve been either managing or developing (or both) artists and bands in the USA and around the world. Since the music industry is going through a major paradigm shift (mainly thanks to digital downloads) it’s always interesting […]

How to Get a Manager and Not Get Ripped Off

I’ve heard many hard-luck stories from artists who had bad experiences with managers. Yet many times the bad experiences were precipitated by a misunderstanding of “who does what” and why. That’s why the writer of the following submitted this to the blog of an industry website popular among “indie” artists and bands: You first need […]

Modern-Day Worship – Some Thoughts

When did CCM (contemporary Christian music) songs from Billboard’s Top 30 charts become substitutes for intimate worship songs in our services? It seems the more relevant local churches try to become to their neighborhoods and members, the more compromise we find in the one area most people identify with: the music. Anymore there’s no continuity […]

The Holiness of God

How many times have you been in a church service where the pastor or staff person said from the stage “let’s give it up for God” or some similar exhortation? It’s as though every time someone takes the stage they feel compelled to ask for a “clap offering” from the congregation before they can speak […]

Is It Just Another “Gig” or Are You Building Something That Lasts?

Every so often I’m asked “what can I do to get local churches to allow me to hold a concert in their facility?” I answer that question WITH a question: what are you giving back? In other words, of what benefit will it be to that local expression of the Body of Christ if you come in […]