Artist Roster

  • BRENT KLINEDINST has an active ministry of sharing both Gospel music and classic music from the 50's and 60's in nursing homes, retirement facilities, etc. all across south Georgia. He will be releasing his inaugural EP of Gospel music later this year.
Former TMA Clients
Management Development
  • Paul Wilbur (Integrity Music)
  • Bob Fitts (Maranatha! Music)
  • Meredith Andrews (Word Music)
  • Michael Gungor (Brash Music)
  • Lynn DeShazo (Integrity Music)
  • John Mandeville (IPO Records)
  • Rebekah Faith (Indie)
  • Cynthia Miller (Indie)
  • Generation Letter (Indie)
  • Fabian Willems – USA Contact (Indie)
  • Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir – USA Contact
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries (Indie)
  • Deanna Ransom (TOC Records)
  • Men of Grace (Indie)
  • Highway 7 (Indie)
  • Skyline Circle (Indie)
  • Pasquale Talarico (Indie)
  • Nick Myers (Indie)
  • Kari Atalla (Indie)
  • Voice of Erin (Indie)
  • Rhajion (Indie)
  • Jeff Johannsen (Indie)
  • Voice of Erin (Ireland)
  • Kelley Lorencin (Michigan)