Artist Roster

  • THE KIRNEV FAMILY, based in Chisinau, Moldova, is lead by Serghey Kirnev and his wife Maria and is comprised of their 7 children who are very talented, classically and professionally-trained musicians. They share their music world-wide and have open doors in the Middle East where many are unable to go.
Former TMA Clients
Management Development
  • Paul Wilbur (Integrity Music)
  • Bob Fitts (Maranatha! Music)
  • Meredith Andrews (Word Music)
  • Michael Gungor (Brash Music)
  • Lynn DeShazo (Integrity Music)
  • John Mandeville (IPO Records)
  • Rebekah Faith (Indie)
  • Cynthia Miller (Indie)
  • Generation Letter (Indie)
  • Fabian Willems – USA Contact (Indie)
  • Ushindi Africa Children’s Choir – USA Contact
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries (Indie)
  • Deanna Ransom (TOC Records)
  • Men of Grace (Indie)
  • Highway 7 (Indie)
  • Skyline Circle (Indie)
  • Pasquale Talarico (Indie)
  • Nick Myers (Indie)
  • Kari Atalla (Indie)
  • Voice of Erin (Indie)
  • Rhajion (Indie)
  • Jeff Johannsen (Indie)
  • Voice of Erin (Ireland)
  • Kelley Lorencin (Michigan)