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on all orders over $50.00

Partner Development Program - Crowd-Funding


The Partner Development Program is designed to provide ongoing financial partner/support developed around an online sign-up system administrated through Paypal. We are excited to announce the relaunch of a completely new PDP Support program and website. PDP Support has been re-tooled to function more like a typical crowd-funding mechanism for artists, bands and ministries. Please take a look at the new site:

This overhaul means your campaign will look good on all mobile devices. The sliders have touch events enabled and the entire content is scaled properly down to the smallest size. In addition, the site is now retina-ready, meaning all images will look ultra sharp on devices with a high DPI.

Under the old PDP Support program, all incoming donations were processed through your PayPal account. However, with this new system all donations are processed securely through PDP Support's PayPal account and are coded to match the person to whom the gift is intended.

Contributions are transferred out of PDP's PayPal account to your PayPal account by the 15th of each month for the prior month's receipts. However, if you receive a donation you would like immediately, all you have to do is email TMA and we will promptly send those funds to your PayPal account.

TMA does NOT charge an administrative fee every time you receive a donation. We do not charge a percentage of anything you raise. You receive all funds you raise - no minimums or thresholds to meet.

Be creative! Offer incentives to your donors for their support, i.e., signed autographs for a$25 gift; free CD for a $50 gift; etc.

Now is a great time to send out an eBlast to your supporters, friends, fans, family members, etc. asking them to consider supporting you. Included in the program are eBlasts like this one sent out monthly on your behalf, branded to you the artist (not TMA or PDP).

To get started, here's what we need from you:

  1. Extended biography - the longer, the better;
  2. Endorsements of your music/ministry;
  3. Overall mission and goal of your ministry;
  4. Photos, logos and any other branded artwork;
  5. Specific amount wish to raise;
  6. Your deadline for raising this amount;
  7. Levels - if you wish to reward donors with gifts or perks if they give at certain levels, please list those;
  8. Why you are raising funds this year - be VERY specific!
  9. Any other information you wish to include in your campaign (video link, website, etc.).