Now Scheduling Winter 2019 Management Consultations


We’ve been developing and managing artists, bands and gospel choirs as an agency for over 13 years. We are now scheduling management consultations to help you prepare for 2019.

You may have reached a point where you have taken your music and ministry as far as you can and you need help getting to the next level. Or you may need professional representation to the industry. Or you’re overwhelmed with the day-to-day management tasks consuming your time and you are ready for professional management. We want to help artists, composers, songwriters, bands, and speakers avoid costly mistakes and delays in their pursuit of a fruitful ministry and a successful career in the music industry.  And we start with Music Management Consultations.

Record labels aren’t developing artists anymore. They will only consider picking up an artist who is already fully-developed. Even if you are not interested in signing with a label, YOU NEED DEVELOPMENT so you can compete in the larger landscape of the music industry and get your music heard! So, somewhere along the line the artist must invest in his/her development if they want to take their music to a national level.
TMA provides that development service as well as ongoing management. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t taken you as far as you’d like to go, perhaps it’s time for professional development/management.

Visit us online here and tell us how we can help you prepare to make 2019 your best year ever at.

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