Promotions & Marketing


We offer a wide array of promotions and marketing services for anyone looking to expand their presence in the marketplace.

TMA is an authorized reseller of marketing services provided through Salem Media (CCM/TCM digital magazine). These services are exclusively discounted by TMA from their regular media kit prices. We are also currently negotiating with other media companies for additional web/social programs.

All told we are the foremost facilitator of Indie artistmarketing services at discounts promotions and you otherwise would not have access to or would be able to afford.

For artists and bands, our music marketing services are discounted. And, when you start building a package of multiple services, the discounts increase (on top of any current discounts already in place). Here’s how:

Any third-party (CCM/TCM, NRT, etc.) service you purchase is personally serviced to the vendor by TMA on your behalf. We interact for you to develop all the creative artwork needed for each and every campaign. You provide basic information (bio, social media/website links, photos, logos, etc., where applicable) and we handle the rest at no additional charge to you!



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