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Our music is serviced to radio via Play MPE. Play MPE is the trusted promotional distribution service used by labeled artists and bands as well as hundreds of independents in over 50 countries, primarily for delivery to radio, but also to press, music blogs, TV, and other recipients. They deliver your music to PDs and MDs at radio stations in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK. They can also service any additional people you want to target with your own recipient list.

With regard to the Christian format, Play MPE is the industry standard and the preferred method of radio delivery. Radio delivery includes adding your track to their system and 3 promotional emails over a period of 6 months that go out to their managed lists of recipients, notifying them that the track is available. We can also update the emails with any developments that might have taken place in the interim (early station adds, reviews, rotation, etc.).

Each package includes:
  • Adding your track to the Play MPE system in your selected genre(s)
  • Customized E-Blast
  • Three (3) promotional Play MPE emails to tastemakers, decision-makers, station managers, industry, etc. over a period of 6 months
  • Play MPE activity reports tracking downloads & streams
  • Inclusion on the Play MPE daily website, featuring new releases, newsletters, and charts (

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