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Our USA Music Management Consultation is geared for artists, bands, and faith-based performance artists located in the United States designed to help Christian artists develop their calling as musicians.

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Unlock the full potential of your artistry with our world-famous Artist Management Consultation! Tailored specifically for artists, bands, and faith-based performers, this exclusive mini-conference offers an insider perspective on the music industry. Say goodbye to stuffy, stressful meetings with record label A&R reps or impersonal training events that drain your time and resources. With our consultation, we bring the conference to YOU, providing an intimate setting where you can receive personalized attention from our expert presenter (yours truly). No more sitting in crowded rooms or feeling rushed by impatient A&R reps. This is YOUR time to shine and take your career to the next level. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to elevate your artistry and reach new heights. Schedule your Artist Management Consultation today and unlock your untapped potential!

The consultation is designed to help Christian artists develop their calling as musicians into a legitimate, financially secure career path. During the consultation I will spend 10-12 hours of personal, one-on-one consultation time with you in your city, developing a personalized management and development plan designed to specifically meet your career and ministry goals. We cover everything from developing a vision and mission statement to recording a CD, marketing and promotions, developing a career as a touring musician, etc.

“Gary is awesome and extremely knowledgeable of the industry and his no-nonsense approach is refreshing. He has already given me tremendous support from our consultation. I am excited about growing my music ministry more than ever before with TMA as I look forward to working with Gary in the future.” Christopher Dolan Music, Ocala, FL.

“High quality teaching, very communicative! It’s so easy to understand the process of getting an artist/music manager when you have the right people to show you how it’s done! Excellent meetings!”Daniel Aguilera, Producer, Los Angeles, CA.


Day 1 – Day 1 PM

7:00 PM – Get Acquainted Dinner – band, associates, family members welcome

Day 2 – Day 2 Full Day (topics vary based on your needs)

10:00 AM – Your Vision, Mission Statement and Brand
11:00 AM – Recording and Producing a Successful CD
11:30 AM – Distribution Digital Marketing & Merchandising
12:30 PM – Crowd-Funding Program & Capital Fund-Raising
1:30 PM – Branding, Promotions & Marketing
2:30 PM – Radio Promotions & Music Publishing
3:00 PM – Harnessing the Power of Social Media
4:00 PM – Contracts, Tech Riders & Technology
5:00 PM – Music Publishing for Indies
6:00 PM – Putting It All Together: Mapping Out The Management Plan

Day 3 – Day 3 AM

10:00 AM – Wrap-up & Review (optional)


Consultations are usually held on weekends (using the typical schedule outlined above) but we are available any day of the week.

Once payment has been received we will email you a confirmation. That email will include an Adobe PDF file “Consultation Prep Guide” to help you prepare for your upcoming consultation. Your consultation can include your team (producer, bandmates, family members, etc.) but no other artists or bands.

Please note: the fee covers all expenses except hotel, meals & local transportation. The consultation fee you pay may cover my airfare and/or car rental. The client is responsible for airport pick-up/drop-off and local ground transportation. By completing payment for the consultation, the client agrees to provide one non-smoking king hotel room for two nights. The preferred hotel is any Hilton property. No “drive-up” motels – no exceptions.

**Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico – artists in these locations are responsible for the consultation fee PLUS airfare, hotel, meals, and local transportation.

All fees, including deposits, are non-refundable. If your date changes, any fees you have paid will be applied to your new consultation date. No refunds for consultation fees paid in full will be given after 24 hours of receipt have passed.

NOTE: There may be an additional fee added if your fly-in consultation date is not confirmed with payment at least 2 weeks prior to your preferred date.