Record labels don't develop artists. TMA does.

Reaching New Levels

If you're not as far along in your music career as you'd like to be, perhaps it's time for professional management & development.

Facilitating Ministry

Working with faith-based performance artists is what we do best. It's giving life to your art-form!

A Level Playing Field

Our goal is to give you as many opportunities as the labeled artists have so you can pursue your dreams as a faith-based performance artist.

Why TMA?

Since 2005 The Management Agency (TMA) has committed to provide the very best in artist management & development support, production and marketing for artists, ministries, and other businesses needing professional services so they can focus on what they do best.

Let us help YOU get to the next level! Click here to let us know how we can help.

We have over 30 years' experience in church and ministry business administration, Christian education, worship team training & development, and in the management and administration of tours (domestic & international), events of all kinds, non-profit consultation services, and artist development, administration and management.

We are now scheduling Music Management & Ministry Consultations for Summer 2016. The consultation is the first step in establishing a management relationship with our clients and is especially designed for ministries and faith-based performing artists: singers, bands, musicians, dancers, authors, speakers, and actors.

For the solo artist or band, record labels aren't developing artists anymore. Most will only consider picking up an artist who is already fully-developed. So, somewhere along the line the artist must invest in his/her development if they want to take their music to a national level. TMA provides that development service as well as ongoing management. And it all starts with the consultation.

Confirmed Consultations:

• New York City - July 22-24
• Pittsburgh, PA - July 25-27


  • Gary spent a good deal of our consultancy time together asking important questions and listening. I was so pleased to find that Gary genuinely wanted to ‘get’ me first and then customize his services to exactly my needs. He did not have a one-size-fits-all approach at all! He took the time and had the skills and insight to ‘understand me and what I believe I’m called to do before supplying excellent advise for the path ahead. Not only have I found solid professional insight in Gary, I have found a potential ministry partner.

    Grant Norsworthy, Dove Award Winner, Grammy Nominee, bassist for Paul Colman Trio & Sonic Flood
  • Aligning yourself with the right management team can provide an artist with a partner who can help the artist achieve their goals. In the best of situations it can be one of the most important relationships of an artist's career.

    Jeri Goldstein
  • Gary is an innovative and creative manager with progressive ideas. I recommend his forward thinking company for anyone looking for artist management.

    Kathy Douglas, CEO, Indie Extreme

Development & Management

TMA provides industry-standard artist development, production, marketing, and management. Our approach is a three-phase system that incorporates the most essential elements you need to become successful in the music industry and in ministry. Whether or not you need an actual "manager" is not the question.

I have worked closely with some of the leading figures in the music industry including Ron Kenoly, Paul Wilbur, Alvin Slaughter, Carl & Leann Albrecht and many others. I have served as personal manager for Paul Wilbur (Integrity Music), Lynn DeShazo (Integrity Music), Bob Fitts (Maranatha & Integrity Music), Michael Gungor (co-wrote Dove nominated & ASCAP Song of the Year "Friend of God"), Meredith Andrews (now with Word Music), and many other independent artists world-wide.

Our clients do not have to hire publicists, art directors, marketing firms, promotions or image consultants, and career counselors - The Management Agency provides all of this and more for our clients. We are a "full-service" management and development agency dedicated to providing quality, affordable management and administrative support for both established artists seeking to take their careers to new levels and those just getting started in the music industry.

We do this by being a resource provider, ministry facilitator, guidance counselor, and manager. Regardless of whether you are just getting started and need our artist development services, or are already established and in need of standard artist management we want to customize a plan specifically for you.


The branding of your vision is the first step in designing your marketing plan. That includes everything from your photo shoot to your digital and printed materials.


Record labels don't develop artists. TMA does. The development process is where we address all of the most important foundation elements of your career to make sure they are in line with your vision and mission.


Marketing includes CD promotions, launch, radio promotions, distribution, and touring. This is where the heavy lifting really starts!


For USA & Canadian residents, we can help you raise the necessary capital to fund your next project thru SMASH Fund, the first crowdfunding company operating as a social network. For an overview click here. When you're ready to get started click here.


"Facilitate ministry. That's what we do"

Gary Stripling founded The Management Agency (TMA) in 2005 as a direct response to ministries and Christian artists' need for professional management and development services at a reasonable price provided by someone with experience specifically related to their fields. He has worked with and served churches, ministries, and artists for over 30 years. His experience in the corporate world (banking and aerospace defense) allows him to effectively communicate and work with the businesses with which churches, ministries, artists and non-profit entities relate on a regular basis.

Gary has worked closely with some of the leading figures in the contemporary worship field including Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Steve Fry, Nick Coetzee, Carl & Leann Albrecht and many others. He has served as personal manager for Paul Wilbur (Integrity Music), Lynn DeShazo (Integrity Music), Bob Fitts (Maranatha & Integrity Music), Michael Gungor (co-wrote Dove nominated "Friend of God"), Meredith Andrews (now with Word Music), and many other independent artists worldwide. Gary has been leading others for over 30 years as a worship leader, conference speaker, associate pastor, business administrator, road manager, consultant, business manager, and corporate development administrator. He has served numerous churches and ministries across the country. Gary's personal website is here.

Our Team

Gary Stripling

Gary Stripling


Gary has worked with and served churches, ministries, and artists for over 30 years. His calling is to "facilitate ministry" first and foremost.

Laura Stripling

Laura Stripling

Radio Promotions

Laura is responsible for radio promotions and our Global Outreach Initiatives. She interfaces with radio stations and artists when new singles are released by TMA clients.