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Branding & Marketing Package (Non-Commercial)


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Balance due when site launches.

Brand marketing is the art/science of making the right impression on an audience. It is the active process of discovering, developing and bringing the right image or identity of your business to the marketplace. One of the goals of good branding is to create a consistently applied, recognizable marketplace identification which leads to viable relationships with three subsets of buyers:

  1. Consumers who purchase your products and/or services;
  2. Talent Buyers (pastors, music directors, festival operators, conference planners, etc.) who contract with artists, bands and ministries to provide a service at their events;
  3. Others in similar industries who provide complimentary services.

Branding is an entirely separate process from the web design phase but must be the first step in creating a competitive edge in your market.

Here are just a few of the sites we've designed:

Non-Profit/Ministry Sites:

Commercial Sites:

Once a new site design has been completed and launched, TMA will offers a six-month Search Engine Optimization process. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of search as it relates to marketing on the web. It is mostly technical in nature, combining programming with business, persuasion, sales, and a love for competitive puzzle solving into a written form capable of maintaining desired revenue goals while achieving high rankings in the organic sections of search engine results pages. It is not just technical, nor copywriting, nor links, nor just search engine submission, but an intricate blend of over a hundred variables into the fabric of a website. Has your website been optimized for the search engines? This process is crucial in making sure your brand and business are visible in the marketplace.

Our SEO clients receive the following as part of the SEO process:

  • Search engine optimization of home page + key landing / sub pages
  • Google and Yahoo! sitemap implementation
  • Submission of your site to major search engines

The Branding & Marketing Package (Non-Commercial) agreement requires 50% deposit at initiation and balance is due when the site launches (usually within 30-60 days). We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal (we are a Verified PayPal Business). Payment in full at initiation qualifies you for an additional 3% discount.

To recap, the Marketing Package includes:

  • Ministry or Organization Branding (logo, iconography);
  • Social Media Setup - Includes branded Facebook Organization page (not a personal page); branded Twitter page header; YouTube channel customization;
  • New Branded Website, which includes:
    • Domain registration (if needed);
    • First month's hosting fee (if needed);
    • Photo Gallery;
    • E-Commerce Store;
    • Search Engine Optimization;
    • Maintenance for 1 year;
    • Events Calendar.
  • Updating Social Media to match new branding (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • One E-Newsletter send per month branded to the respective entity
  • Branded Printed Materials Design (business cards, brochures, etc., available in hi-res PDFs)

Isn't it time you updated your brand in the marketplace and communicated your message with the upmost in excellence, befitting the One whom you serve? Let TMA take your brand to the next level!

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