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Price Options:
You can pay once a year ($49/month paid annually).
Or, you can pay every month ($69/month).

ALL of the following are included in this package:

Leads or Contacts: up to 1,000 contacts
Imagine you have a box, and in this box, you can fit up to 1,000 business cards of people who might want to buy something from your business. That’s what leads or contacts are. This plan lets you keep up to 1,000 of these in your bot’s box.

AI with 3 URLs/Links:
Your bot is a smart robot that can talk to your customers for you. This plan lets your robot share up to 3 different web pages or links with your customers, guiding them to important parts of your store or special offers.

2 Menu Items:
Think of a menu in a video game that lets you choose different options. Your bot will have a menu, too, but it’s super simple, with just two options. These could be things like “Talk to us” or “See our specials.”

1 Update per Month:
Once a month, we can teach your bot something new or change one of its actions. It’s like updating your game with a new level or a bug fix once a month.

Setup Cost (Includes 1st Month):
There’s an initial cost to get everything up and running. This is like buying the game console before you start paying for the subscription. The good news is that this cost includes your first month, so you don’t have to pay extra.

Optional 1-Time Offering: Include a Video
You can choose to add a video to your bot. This is like getting a special add-on for your game that makes it even cooler, but it’s a one-time thing.

Please give Gary a call at (904) 571-9202 (Florida) to discuss your particular needs.

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Choose Your Plan:

$49/month paid annually, $69/month paid monthly

Payment Information

All payments are processed by Stripe.

For the annual plan, you pay one price per year. For the monthly plan you pay monthly and your payment is automatically deducted from your debit or credit card.