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Our Artist Review & Assessment Service provides you with an industry-standard, professional assessment of your music and marketing materials, including contracts, tech riders, marketing plans, and websites. We review your materials in great detail, listen to your CD, review your websites & social media and provide you with honest, unbiased feedback on what you can do to get noticed!


  • Your Press Kit (including biography, photos, branding, layout and design)
  • Your Music – is your CD well-produced to industry standards?
  • Marketing Plan – is your plan for distribution and capital fund-raising feasible?
  • Contracts & Riders – are they professional-looking and legally sound?
  • Review of your website & social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
Once we accept you for review, we will invite you to send us all of your materials (CD, press kit, biography, website links and answers to the Assessment Questionaire). We will review these materials and send you a detailed assessment of your materials addressing seven key areas all independent artists and bands should cover in order to successful. Materials will not be returned and unsolicited materials are not accepted.