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Price Range:
This plan costs between $169 (each month paid annually) or $197 monthly. Please give Gary a call at (904) 571-9202 (Florida) to discuss your particular needs.

ALL of the following are included in this package:

Leads or Contacts (5,000 contacts):
Imagine a really big box where you can keep up to 5,000 business cards of potential customers. This plan allows your bot to know and interact with up to 5,000 people who might be interested in your store.

AI with 5 URLs/Links:
Your smart robot (the bot) can now share up to 5 web pages or links. It’s like it has more topics to talk about or more places to show your customers, guiding them through your online store or to special deals.

Three Menu Items:
Your bot’s game menu gets an upgrade with 3 options now. This could be anything from getting help, checking out new products, or seeing your store’s special offers.

500 SMS Messages & 100 Appointments:
You can send out 500 text messages to chat with your customers or remind them about cool stuff. Plus, your bot can help schedule up to 100 meetings or visits, like setting up playdates for your business.

Two Updates per Month:
Twice a month, we can update or teach your bot new things. It’s like getting two new levels or features for your game every month, keeping things fresh and interesting.

One Business Video in the Chatbot (1 min max):
Your bot can show a short video about your business, up to 1 minute long. It’s a quick way to introduce customers to what you do or what’s cool about your store, almost like a trailer for a new movie.

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Annual Plan – $2,028, Monthly Plan – $197/month

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For the annual plan, you pay one price per year. For the monthly plan, you pay monthly, and your payment is automatically deducted from your debit or credit card.