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Event Management services provides professional event planning, promotions & marketing, concert production & tour management services for faith-based artists, ministries and non-profit organizations. We have organized, administrated, and managed tours, special events and concerts to Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia, South America, Canada, Africa, England, the Caribbean, and all over the United States. Our teams have ranged in size from three persons (artist, personal assistant, and road manager) to over fifty persons (artist, band, dancers, tech crews, etc.).

Our Event Management Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Preliminary Setup and Planning
    • Metric Development:
      • Cost per Contact
      • Lead-to-Sales Conversion Rate
      • Expense to Revenue Ratio
      • Gross Margin/Rate Event Revenue
      • Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Budget Preparation
    • Contracting for Facilities, Sound and Lighting
    • Daily event scheduling
    • Guest speakers/artists planning and invitations
    • Setup online Event Management account in BaseCamp.
  • Brand Design & Management
    • Design event brand & logo
    • Design & launch event website
    • Establish online registration where applicable
    • Maintain website for duration of event
  • Team Management
    • Recruit Committees
      • Steering Committee (oversees entire event)
      • Finance Committee (manages ticketing and registration, overall budget)
      • Logistics Committee (local transportation, VIP care)
      • Program Committee (daily schedule, guest speakers/artists, etc.)
      • Security Committee Marketing and Promotions (all printed materials)
      • Technical Committee (audio-visual)
    • Determine scope of responsibilities for all committees
    • Clearly establish budgets for each committee
  • Event Coordination and Management
    • Setup onsite registration and check-in
    • Coordinate daily activities of each department
  • Event Marketing & Promotions – event branding, social media setup & management, online event registration, event website development & hosting, post-event survey. Also responsible for radio, print and digital advertising.

If you need complete event planning, management and production (all of the above listed services) we provide that at an industry-standard event planning commission rate or flat fee, whichever is greater. The first step to take when selecting this option is to schedule a Special Event Planning Consultation. Click here for details about the consultation.This fee also serves as your event management retainer if you contract with TMA to produce your event.