Is Your Calendar Busy Yet?


As we begin a new year our agency has been busy mapping out our clients’ schedules for their new releases, studio dates, and marketing campaigns for the rest of the year. Yes, you read that correctly! We’re already planning for Christmas releases later this year.

You may have heard the old adage “fail to plan, plan to fail.” And it really is true. I heard someone at a business development meeting years ago say “if you don’t the know the destination, how will you know if you’ve arrived?” In other words, if you don’t have a detailed plan of action how will you know you’ve hit your objectives and goals?

So we began this month (January 2020) planning in detail what our clients can expect as they finish up their studio work. Here’s an example of one such timeline:

Fall (previous year)

  • Photo shoot
  • Studio production (writing & recording)

January 25

  • Single mastered

January 31

  • Artwork Complete

February 1

  • Submit single to radio
  • Start social media teasers bi-weekly

February 14 – Vendor #1 artwork due:

  • Web Banner
  • Dedicated eBlast
  • Newsletter Spotlight
  • Social Media Campaign

February 15

  • Single release to radio
  • Place CD manufacturing order
  • Order any merch needed for CD Release Event
  • Submit CD for digital distribution

Late February – Vendor #2 artwork due:

  • Artist Photo
  • Updated Bio
  • Album Cover
  • Track Listing
  • Short Album Description
  • Digital download to the album (for review team)

March 1

  • National marketing campaigns begin
  • Digital Pre-Sales begins
  • Order banners, flyers, etc. for CD Release Event

March 13

  • Local CD Signing (Christian book/gift store)

March 14

  • CD Release Event (concert followed by catered reception)
  • iTunes release

Too many times an artist focuses on getting into the studio with the sole aim of releasing some great music. But they have no plan after that! What about marketing? What about your release events, concert, etc.? What about a photo shoot? And this checklist doesn’t even include all the administrative tasks we as artist managers handle, including copyrighting, purchasing mechanical licenses, updating ASCAP/BMI catalogs, etc.

So if you want this new year to be successful, don’t try and do everything yourself. At TMA we specialize in facilitating ministry, first and foremost. And we do the heavy lifting (everything you’ve read to this point) so our clients can focus on what they do best: write, record and share life-changing music.

Do you have a team to help you with all of this? If not, we should meet. That’s where our Music Management Consultations come in – they are comprehensive planning meetings (about 12-18 hours) in your city, outlining everything you need to do to take your music and ministry from where you are to where it needs to be.

“Gary is awesome and extremely knowledgeable of the industry and his no-nonsense approach is refreshing. He has already given me tremendous support from our consultation. I am excited about growing my music ministry more than ever before with TMA as I look forward to working with Gary in the future.” Christopher Dolan Music, Ocala, FL.

Remember, record labels don’t develop artists anymore. TMA does (and a whole lot more!). How can we help you?

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