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A&R stands for “artist and repertoire.” Typically part of a record label’s team, the A&R rep plays an important role in the development of the artist. The rep has a voice in how the band or artist will market its albums and will help to build a basic promotional foundation for the album and the band.

Are you a small, independent record label with artists or bands in need of development and/or management, but you have no A&R?

TMA offers an A&R Workshop for Producers EXCLUSIVELY for small independent producers and their artists. The workshop provides the producer with the tools to develop his indie artists just like major labels.

“High quality teaching, very comunicative! Its so easy to understand the process of getting an artist/music manager when you have the right people to show you how its done! Excellent meeting!” – Daniel Aguilera, Producer, Los Angeles

The following topics are addressed in the workshop:

  • New Project Development;
  • Branding and Logo Development;
  • Performing Rights Organization Overview (ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, etc.);
  • What Is SoundScan?;
  • National & International Retail Distribution;
  • Image Consulting;
  • Radio Promotions & Publicity;
  • Merchandise Development;
  • Why You Should Have Customized Contracts and Tech Riders;
  • Having a Dynamic Online Presence (website & social media);
  • What Kind of Marketing and Promotions Materials Do You Need?;
  • Crowd-Funding For Indies;
  • Planning Domestic & International Tours;
  • Living Room Concerts;
  • Music Publishing.

Please note: Producer/Purchaser is responsible for the consultation fee and business airfare to your country, hotel, meals and local transportation. Airfare will be agreed upon prior to purchase and will be billed to the Producer/Purchaser for payment in full along with the consultation fee.

Producer/Purchaser is also responsible for airport pick-up/drop-off and ground transportation. By completing payment for the consultation, the Producer/Purchaser agrees to provide one non-smoking king hotel room for the duration of the stay and all meals. No refunds for consultation fees will be given after 24 hours of payment has passed. There is no limit on how many persons can attend the workshop, but they must have a client relationship with the Producer/Purchaser.