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Many times those in faith-based performing arts are not sure if he/she needs a manager or just a business plan – or both. We have found that most of those who contact us need someone to map out a career plan for them and provide them with the specific steps they need to take to become successful in the music industry. Our Management & Development Consultations give us the opportunity to do this and much more! This is the first step in the development/management process.

“Gary spent a good deal of our consultancy time together asking important questions and listening. I was so pleased to find that Gary genuinely wanted to ‘get’ me first and then customize his services to exactly my needs. He did not have a one-size-fits-all approach at all! He took the time and had the skills and insight to ‘understand me and what I believe I’m called to do before supplying excellent advise for the path ahead. Not only have I found solid professional insight in Gary, I have found a potential ministry partner.”Grant Norsworthy, Dove Award winner, Grammy nominee, bassist for Paul Colman Trio and SonicFlood, Nashville.

“High quality teaching, very comunicative! It’s so easy to understand the process of getting an artist/music manager when you have the right people to show you how it’s done! Excellent meetings!”Daniel Aguilera, Producer, Los Angeles, CA.

The consultation is designed to help artists develop their calling as musicians into a legitimate, financially-secure career path. During the consultation I will spend 10-12 hours of personal, one-on-one consultation time with you in your city, developing a personalized management and development plan designed to specifically meet your career goals.

We cover all of the major areas important for a successful career as a touring artist, from developing a vision and mission statement, to recording a CD, artist branding, bookings, marketing & promotions, fund-raising, developing a career as a touring musician, etc.

At the end of the consultation, we will have mapped out a strategic plan that will provide you with specific goals, target dates for achievement, and benchmarks against which to gauge your success. If you are serious about your future as a touring musician, scheduling a consultation is the first step to take. By the way, we have a 100% satisfaction rating on all of the consultations we have conducted world-wide!

“Gary is awesome and extremely knowledgeable of the industry and his no-nonsense approach is refreshing. He has already given me tremendous support from our consultation. I am excited about growing my music ministry more than ever before with TMA as I look forward to working with Gary in the future.” Christopher Dolan Music, Ocala, FL.

Here are the consultation options available:

  1. Management Consultation – USA
  2. Management Consultation – Florida
  3. Management Consultation – Canada
  4. Management TeleConsultation (Zoom) – Worldwide
  5. Management Consultation – Central/South America
  6. Management Consultation – International
  7. Management Consultation – One-Day
  8. Business Development Consultation – USA
  9. A&R Workshop for Producers
  10. Special Event Consultation
  11. Music Industry Workshop (conference-type event)

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