Special Event Planning Consultation

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If you are planning to produce a concert, training event, or conference of any size the tasks before you can be daunting. Our Special Event Planning Consultation gives us the opportunity to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to produce a successful event.

The Special Event Planning Consultation is like a private industry-insider mini-conference. Rather than taking your entire production team to a boring, all-day training event in a hotel meeting room, or attending an impersonal training event (with expenses including conference registrations, travel, etc.), the industry-insider comes to you. And you get the personal attention of the presenter (me) rather than sitting in a room with hundreds of others.

The consultation is designed to help event planners & hosts become fully-prepared to turn their plans into into a legitimate, financially-successful event with a positive Return on Investment (ROI). During the consultation I will spend 8-10 hours of personal, one-on-one consultation time with you in your city, developing a personalized event promotions & marketing plan designed to specifically meet your event’s metrics (goals). We cover all of the major areas important for a successful event including budgeting, marketing & promotions, special guest contracts, sound & lighting, venue preparations, and more.

At the end of the consultation, we will have mapped out a strategic plan that will provide you with specific goals, target dates for achievement, and benchmarks against which to gauge your event’s success. Tracking the right metrics is crucial to quantifying the success of an event. These metrics can also offer insight into what works and what doesn’t. We use this data to fine-tune your event marketing by focusing on more lucrative promotion and acquisition channels. If you are serious about securing the information you need to produce a success event, scheduling a consultation is the first step to take.


Day 1 – Arrival (PM)
7:00 PM – Getting Acquainted Dinner – associates, team, family members welcome

Day 2 – Full Day
9:00 AM – Overview of Your Event
10:00 AM – Developing Your Event’s Metrics
11:00 AM – Developing Your Event’s Budget
12:00 PM – Branding the Event
1:00 PM – Your Venue – Location, Location, Location!
1:30 PM – Sound & Lighting
2:00 PM – Radio Promotions, Social Media & Publicity
3:00 PM – Merchandising
4:00 PM – Contracts, Tech Riders & Technology
5:00 PM – Hospitality
6:00 PM – Administrating Your Event Online

Day 3 – Departure (AM)