2-Hour Virtual Seminar – Planning for Success


This webinar will address core components we share in our Music Management Consultations at a fraction of the price. Of course you’ll want to schedule your own consultation after this seminar to get the full package. But we want to share some important steps you should take this year to insure your new music reaches its intended audience.

Once we receive your payment you will be sent a confirmation with the Zoom Webinar registration link included. You will need to have the Zoom app installed on your mobile device or computer. Limited to 100 registrations.

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The new year is here bringing new adventures, creativity, tours, releases, concert and ministry events. While we build on the successes of the past we always look forward taking all we’ve learned (especially during the last 2 years of pandemic) to create new goals for the new year.

You’ve probably discovered that the music industry is changing and most of us are caught up in it in real time. That’s why TMA exists – to facilitate the outreach of faith-based artists by keeping up with these new developments so you don’t have to.

Why You Should Attend

In today’s dynamic music industry, especially within the Christian music sector, success demands a keen understanding of both market trends and industry shifts. Our upcoming webinar delves into the essential strategies covered in our Music Management Consultations, offering you a glimpse at a fraction of the cost.

Join us to uncover crucial actions you must take this year to ensure your new music effectively reaches its audience. While this seminar provides valuable insights, scheduling your own consultation afterward will equip you with the comprehensive toolkit necessary for your music’s success.


Session 1 (75 minutes)

  • Who Are You?
    In this segment, we delve into the essence of your unique brand identity. We’ll explore why it’s crucial for you to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. What makes you distinct from the multitude of artists and bands? Understanding and communicating your unique traits are key to standing out and connecting with your audience.
  • Why Are You Doing This?
    Have you articulated your mission in a written Mission Statement? It’s vital to ensure your goals not only align with but also support your mission. During this discussion, we’ll examine why having a clear, written mission statement is instrumental for guiding your career decisions and ensuring they reflect your core values and objectives.
  • The Four Tenets of a Successful Release
    What elements are essential for launching a successful single? We’ll break down the four critical tenets that every artist needs to consider before releasing their music. This overview will provide a structured approach to planning your releases, ensuring each step contributes to your overall success.
  • Radio – Do I Need It?
    The short answer is yes! In this part of our consultation, we will cover the fundamental reasons why radio remains a powerful medium for music promotion. We’ll discuss how to effectively release your music to radio stations and why this should be a part of your promotional strategy to reach a wider audience.

Session 2 (15 minutes)

  • Question & Answer Session – what is the most pressing question you have right now? Each participant will be allowed to ask 1 question.


TMA Founder and President Gary Stripling will lead this seminar. Since establishing TMA in 2005, Gary has embarked on a global journey, dedicating his expertise to consulting with faith-based artists and bands aspiring to reach that elusive “next level.” His commitment has taken him around the world, where he has had the privilege of shaping the careers of numerous talented musicians.

While Gary has extensive experience managing both indie and labeled artists, his true passion lies in working exclusively with indie artists. His goal is to enhance their musical journeys, ensuring that their artistry not only reaches wider audiences but also supports their spiritual missions. Gary’s dedicated approach helps artists and bands leverage their unique sounds and messages to make a significant impact in the music ministry.

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