Let’s Talk Social Media


I can setup, brand & launch your awesome-looking Facebook Musician/Band page and branded Twitter account.

I can brand your YouTube channel & provide you with branded ads & marketing tools.

But what I cannot do is interact on your behalf with your fans, friends & family. I cannot present your artistry to talent buyers or industry folks. YOU must do that. They want to hear from you!

So please don’t complain if you’re not getting any clicks, likes or inquiries when the last time you posted or tweeted anything pertinent to your life as an artist or band was 15 months ago.

(Pro Note: keep your personal feeds separate from your professional social media footprint. Talent buyers & industry people don’t care what you ate at your grandmas 99th birthday party!)

Artists & bands must engage with their audience to be successful. No one can do this for you.

Are you being proactive or reactive? The difference can mean success or failure in the music industry!

© 2019 Gary Stripling

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