PRO-TIP “Home Concert ‘Live’ Broadcasting”


Since we’re pretty much still in quarantine and social distancing many artists – labeled and Indie alike – are broadcasting mini-concerts “live” from their homes. While this gives the audience an intimate look into their home lives, it can also project a negative impression. Why?

Because your shoes are stacked in the corner. I see a dirty sock on the bed. Oh, and that yappy little doggie you call your best friend is so cute he’s distracting from that serious rendition of  “Oceans” (you didn’t, did you?).

A few recommendations:

1. Clean your room! Nobody wants to see your dirty underwear on the floor behind you. Or your shoe collection. And, for crying out loud, make your bed!

2. Make an effort – hang a picture, stage a plant – do something to make your room welcoming.

3. Get out of the bedroom (or see #1 if you can’t). Find a corner in your living room – stage it like you’re about to have an seller’s open house.

4. Horizontal or vertical camera? Depending on your device (iPhone or Android?), at least do some research on how to use what you have to obtain the best broadcast possible!

5. Shoot a short test video then watch the playback carefully. What do you see in the background? An empty dirty glass? A photo of your former girlfriend you can’t bear to part with? Cobwebs hanging down from the back corner?

6. How’s the lighting? Low, ambient lighting – no spots or glaring bright lights – work best for a home event. But it needs to be bright enough so your audience doesn’t think you’re in the dark. Check for sunlight as well – how it changes as the day progresses.

Everybody’s doing it – but you can stand apart from the rest if you put a little effort into staging a welcoming digital environment. Create a warm and inviting “stage” in your home where your viewers will get to know you better – like you invited them to your place for a cup of coffee.

You’d do this if you were performing “live” on a stage somewhere, so why not put in the effort when you’re broadcasting from your bedroom?

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